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Cleaners' jobs in Australia

Cleaners' jobs in Australia

If you are a skilled worker, know English at a sufficient level and sincerely want to live and work in this continent, then you will find your place.

Not everyone can get qualified work in Australia, since this country puts forward considerable requirements for candidates for certain positions. But in order to get an unskilled job, special work is not necessary. 

The country is happy to accept people who for a low fee (by Australian standards) are able to perform work that does not require additional knowledge or skills.

There are a number of professions that are in demand on the mainland, but not every resident can work in these positions, and this is because Australian companies put forward serious requirements for knowledge of their profession, as well as English.

 Cleaners are required
In connection with the opening of a hotel and restaurant complex in some cities of Australia, cleaners are required to work.

Consider candidates without experience;
Basic requirements for candidates: accuracy, decency.
Gender, age, nationality, does not matter.

The work schedule is negotiated individually, part-time or several days a week. There is also a full-time option with the addition of functionality.


Quality control of apartment cleaning.
Quality control of check-in and check-out of guests.
Work with the current staff of the maids, as well as the selection of new ones.

Purchase of household cleaning products.
Communication and problem solving skills with the owners.
Communication and problem solving with guests.

Cleaning (including dusting)
Washing dishes
Cleaning the kitchen and utility rooms of the restaurant
Cleaning the hall and restaurant building.
Help in the kitchen


We are looking in our team for an energetic, positive specialist with managerial and administrative experience for the vacancy: Housekeeping Manager. This position includes the functions of: manager and manager.
Work as a housekeeping manager will suit you if:
You have experience in managing a team, the ability to clearly and clearly convey tasks to people with control over their subsequent implementation.

You have a lot of energy, but at the same time you are attentive to details, you can concentrate, your attention is enough to work with the whole team, and you will begin your cover letter to us on this vacancy with the words: “A great start”;
Experience is desirable
A responsibility

- the work schedule is discussed at the interview.
- Salary …… / shift
- We provide accommodation for free
- meals for free
clearance by TC
Mobile work.
Career growth.
Company training

Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia (Seasonal or temporary work) are excellent options for those who do not have sufficient knowledge of English or do not want to leave their country for a long time. 

Australia in this case is just an ideal country.
Australia is a fertile country for seasonal workers.

Something is being collected all year round. You just need to be at the right time in the right place. Working on a farm is good for your health - fresh air, simple village food, space, the ability to live close to work and walk on it and back.

In Australia, orchard farms that grow fruit and berry plantations to harvest all comers for a moderate fee enjoy great pepperiness.

During the summer months, when most of the Australian fruits ripen, this is family fun and tradition.

In addition to the freshest fruits, plucked directly from the bush, adults with children come to the garden to relax in the fresh air, combined with physical activity in picking berries and a picnic in nature.
Fruit harvesting seasons vary between states.

For example, in Queensland, which is the national supplier of a third of all Australian agricultural products, the crop ripens year-round, while in New South Wales, the season begins in November and ends in April.

In addition to differences in fruit ripening seasons, the types of fruit grown in Australia also vary from state to state. Victoria, due to the cooler climate, is a leader in the cultivation of cherries, strawberries and raspberries. South Australia is famous for its vineyards and, as a result, the beautiful Australian wines produced in it, and Queensland - for banana plantations.

Salary, How to Find a Job

The most popular places to work are: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra (Capital), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Hobart.
Salary for the job:
Fruit picker in Australia - USD 2160
Average salary in Australia - USD 3040

Effect of work experience on salary:
Experienced: + 8%
Mid-career: + 2%
Entry-level: -7% 

Benefits for employees 

Pension insurance (Pension plan): No
Health insurance: No
Internal and external courses and training: No
Career development plan for employees: No

Typical requirements for work 

Required education level: High school diploma
Computer knowledge: Not required
Probationary period: No
Foreign language knowledge: Not required
Driving license: Not required
Work experience: Effect on salary - Low

Forms of employment:
Full Time
Part time (Part-time)
Seasonal work
Project work
Other types of work
Sector sector: agriculture, forest and fishing

Working hours and paid vacation
Working week: Monday - Friday
Number of working hours per week: 38
Overtime work: No
Number of paid days: 20
Non-working holidays: 10
Break for lunch: Often
Duration of a lunch break: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: Often.

How to process residence in Australia by Marrying an Australian

How to process residence in Australia by Marrying an Australian

Many people look for their ideal partner outside their country with the illusion of finding love and a better future. Women from various countries subscribe to partner search sites on the internet in hopes of finding a foreign man who understands them and has good feelings.

If you were lucky enough to flirt with an Australian and now that they know each other they want to take the most important step in their relationship, this article will interest you. We will show you how to process the residence visa in Australia by Marrying an Australian. Find out how to do this process and live with your wife in Australia.

The Australian government grants visas to people who are married to an Australian citizen. These are the so-called marriage visas and there are three different types:

Spouse couples visa
Women who marry an Australian citizen in their home country or in Australia are benefited from this type of visa. This benefit also corresponds to those people who are married to a permanent resident of Australia.

To apply for this visa, the wives of Australian citizens must submit to immigration documents that prove their marriage is legal in their country of origin. Applications are also accepted from people who have lived together for more than a year in the country of origin of immigrants and for those immigrant women who expect children of an Australian and who are currently living in Australian territory.

The processing of this type of visa lasts an average of 6 months. One of the advantages of obtaining this visa is that after two years of relationship you can apply for a permanent residence visa.

Visas for future spouses
People who have a relationship of more than one year with an Australian citizen can apply for this type of temporary visa. This visa must be requested from the Australian embassy or immigration by the Australian citizen with his partner.

It can also be requested by permanent residents of this country who have a foreign partner. The purpose of this visa is to ensure that the couple will marry in Australia. Being a temporary visa, the couple is ordered to marry within a period not exceeding nine months, if they get married, they will be granted a visa for spouses.

The permanent residence visa can be accessed after two consecutive years of marriage or the formation of a family.

Visas for Independent Couples
This temporary visa is granted to same-sex couples. Australian laws contemplate the union and coexistence between same-sex couples. The procedure to access this visa is similar to that of visas for future spouses. Both parties must go to the Australian embassy of the immigrant country or to the immigration department.

In this place, you must complete a form with the details of the time of your relationship. The procedure for obtaining this visa can last 6 months and you can also access the permanent residence visa after two years of marriage.

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How To Immigrate To Australia 2019

How To Immigrate To Australia 2019

Australia is the second-best country to live and work worldwide. Today we will be informing you how to immigrate to Australia in 2019. Remember that Australia is promoting some types of visas for its Qualified Immigration Program, with which you could summarize many immigration steps and live and work legally, you could even take your family.

Obtain Permanent Residence

When we ask ourselves why we immigrate to Australia, everything is summed up or connected to a central idea: Excellent quality of life. This would be formed by a complete system geared by the possibility of finding excellent job offers with good salaries and high life expectancy.

Probably one should know how to choose where to live since many Australian areas are not fully developed and their buildings are somewhat neglected, however, this is not a major inconvenience.

What you need to immigrate to Australia:

Really if you are worried about whether or not, you have the opportunity to immigrate to Australia. To do this, just check if you have the following "key requirements" that the Australian government requires:

· Be of legal age and be less than 45 years old.
· English Proficiency = Score equal to or greater than 6 on the IETLS exam.

· Be a professional or technician or have some of the most required or demanded occupations in Australia.
· Have sufficient qualifications and work experience in your work area.
· Obtain the minimum passing grade in the point's exam.

If you comply with this, you must remain calm. You have all the possibilities to immigrate successfully to Australia. Rather, you could choose to qualify in the Qualified Migration Program. 

This is directed based on the needs of useful immigrants in the neediest areas. No, they don't just look for professionals! Do not get depressed if you are not a doctor, architect, engineer or renowned lawyer. Australia looks for mechanics, electricians, masons and many more.

When verifying that you meet these requirements, you will have the right to request some of the visas offered by said program. Through it you can, depending on which one is right for you, work, live and take your family legally.

Therefore, your goal will always be to obtain permanent Australian residence. Itsadvantages are:
· Live and work in Australia permanently.

· Study in Australian universities at the same cost as an Australian citizen.

· Have access to the excellent Australian public health system (it's free).

· Enroll your kids in high-quality free schools.
· Have passage to government support (including salaries of AUD $ 672.60 per week for 18 weeks for having your baby).

· Ask for Australian citizenship after 4 years of residency in the country.

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What Should You Know Before Going To Live In Australia

What Should You  Know Before Going To Live In 

Australia is an amazing country with rich resources , fantastic job opportunities , beautiful landscapes , and rich agriculture sources . The latter is what make Australia a fabulous place to live and work in .  Life in Australia can be a fantastic experience, a marvellous place to live in , a worth living country ,  but you have got to follow the proper steps in the proper order if you want to immigrate there.

There are certain steps and orders which you should follow to immigrate to Australia . If you follow the exact steps , you will be for certain be able to immigrate to Australia legally .

In the following paragraph , there are certain steps which you have to follow carefully .

Steps To Follow In Order To Live In Australia :

The first thing you have to do is to look for a job. If you can find a potential employer, they may be willing to nominate you for your required work visa. When you find a job , it becomes easy for you to get a work visa . But , the employer have to nominate you for your work visa according to the Australian work conditions and rights. Then , you can apply for your visa in a legal and correct way .

The second step is to find a place to live in . You should reserve a place for you to live in , so that you get your house rent documents to include in your visa application .

The third step is to  learn a thing or two about the Australian culture ,  before you make your official move . Get to know where are you going , and try to know a little bit about the culture and values of your host

country is a plus for you . It is going to be a transformative journey in your life , so learn about Australia is good for you to know everything before you arrive there .

What Comes After ??

Then , if you love the Australian lifestyle  and you decide  to live there forever, you can apply for permanent residency. In the event that residency is not sufficient, you can apply to become an Australian citizen . This comes after finding a stable job , house , assuring your health assurance , a long period visa , a good behaviour . At that time you can apply for a permanent visa , and after that you are able to have an Australian citizenship too if you meet the criteria .

Even though , the cost of living in Australia  is higher than in other countries , but the lifestyle of the Australian people makes it all worth it . It is kind  of a rich country with higher life level , higher costs , higher salaries , and higher living . But , at all means it is a very beautiful place to  spend your whole life in .

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada : How Does It Work ?

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada : How Does It Work ?

Fruit jobs in Canada :

Fruit picking jobs in Canada are one of the most popular kind of jobs among youngest people who are willing to do a different thing . Fruit picking jobs in Canada is are very recommended for many reasons , especially for those who wants to earn some extra money .

Many people like this kind of jobs , which has an end date with advantages . In other words , young people like to spend a one year or 3 months abroad in a foreign country , working in the farms , breathing fresh air , with a new environment , a new place , creating memories , and earn money at the same time .

Getting a seasonal worker visa is not at all difficult . It is very easy , and a forwarded process . That is why people apply a lot to this kind of jobs , and this concerns both the locals and non locals of Canada . While Canada is in need of farm workers , it pays good its workers .

What does fruit picking involves ?

Well, fruit picking is a seasonal work , and the duration  must be at least 3 months .
 Fruit picking is a very hard work , so applicants must be healthy , strong,  good physical health , and fit . They must be also prepared to spend most of the days outdoors in hot sunshine , and hot weather .
Honestly speaking ,  Canada needs more farm workers to manage their corps , taking care of animals , and fruits picker jobs .

Well, a visa for this kind of seasonal work does not require higher qualification and experience .

 there is a serious need for workers to work in Agriculture field. This visa is known as Farm worker visa, Fruit Picker Visa or seasonal agriculture visa because these are season based visas to work in farms and fruit gardens. These are mostly Level C or D visas. You can find it in National Occupational Classification of Canada with Title of General Farm Worker, Harvesting Labourer , Aquaculture and marine harvest labourers .

When the seasonal work in Canada starts ?

 The seasonal work in Canada as a fruit picking  job starts from June to September . It depends on the type of fruit being picked . There is a certain calendar for  picking each type of fruit .
 Where to find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada :
There are many places in Canada where one can find a job in agriculture . Yet , the most popular places are as follow :

·       British Columbia
·       Ontario
·       Quebec
·       New Scotland
·       New Brunswick

How much do fruit picking jobs in Canada pay ??

The average Fruit Farm Worker salary in Canada is $22,289 per year or $11.43 per hour. Entry level positions start at $20,865 per year while most experienced workers make up to $27,300 per year.

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The general conditions to get a visa to Australia

The general conditions to get a visa to Australia

As we all know , Australia , is not an easy country  to get a visa to it , but if you follow and meet the criteria you will by no doubt be successful in getting an Australian visa .
It is almost a dream to many people to get a visa to Australia , because it is a landscape of fantastic job opportunities and worth seeing views . To get your visa application accepted is not easy , and is not difficult . The only you have to do is to be prepared and research everything further before applying .

In this article , we are going to speak about general conditions to get a visa to Australia , without specifying what kind of visa .
Indeed , we are going to dig deeper into two mainly well known ways to get a visa to Australia ; travel visa , or work visa through the competency migration program .

The following list shows the most important conditions to get a visa to Australia in a safe and an easy way :

·       A score of 6 on the English Language Assessment Exam is required according to the Australian Government Immigration Department website.
·       Applicants must not be over 50 years old.
·       Your profession must be the same as the one you will work there, and you must have experience certificates from your country to practice that profession .

·       You must pass the assessment exam of the body responsible for the profession according to the job applicant.
·       Equating your degree from the Australian Guild of your profession, by communicating with them through their website.
·       Get 60 points in the immigration file through the Australian Embassy in your country.

·       Qualification requirements for immigration to Australia - Competency migration to Australia

Immigration to Australia through the competency migration program :

In addition to the last mentioned information about how to get a visa , there are several conditions and requirements for immigration to Australia through the Competency Migration Program . The latter , is a program created by the Australian government to help immigrants to engage easily in the job market . So , that they can attract more skilled and workers to their country . Moreover , this program is preferred by most newly graduated students , who want to create a better life for them .

However , in order to get a visa to Australia through the competency migration program applicants must meet the following criteria :

·        The applicants must be 22-44 years old.
·        He must be works in one of the occupations specified in the list of occupations required by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Department of Border Protection and Immigration.

·       He must earns at least 65 points in the immigration points system to Australia ( you may find out more about this in the official Australian government website ) .
·       He must has  minimum required language skills (IELTS 6/9 or any acceptable exam like the IELTS ) or its qualification .
·       He must approve personal requirements.
·       He must approve  health requirements according to the government policies .

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Immigration to Australia : What you should know before leaving your country .

Immigration to Australia : What you should know before leaving your country .

Migrating to another country is a big step to take, but thankfully most of immigrants feel the same thing . Because leaving your mother earth is not an easy decision , and not an easy thing to do . Most of people , especially , young people dream to immigrate to a well developed countries , and visit beautiful destinations . So ,  in order to live in good life conditions , and good salaries .

Yet , if you are willingly to take this step take some time to research the country further . However , if you want to immigrate to Australia read this article carefully .

The following  information here will help you better understand what you need to do and what you should procedure in order to prevent any kind of miss disappointments or unwanted problems .

Before you leave your country to Australia or any foreign country , you have first to know a lot of things concerning the country , its people , its culture and many other related things and perspectives . In this case , this article tries to illustrate some of the very important points that you should keep in mind before flying to there .

Where it is located ?

 Australia, or as it well known   as the Commonwealth of Australia. It is a country composed of the continent of Australia, as well as some small islands. Australia is a  smaller continent in the world, but is the sixth largest country in the world, and the largest country without land borders .

It is located in the continent of Oceania . Australia covers 7,682,300 square kilometers of land and 58,920 square kilometers of water, making it the 6th largest nation in the world with a total area of 7,741,220 square kilometers . The latter , are the reasons why many people immigrate to it . 

There are plenty of advantages , for example ; the conditions , education , ect .
Australia is a really huge continent with several and mixed cultures , values , and customs . Its nickname is “ down under “ , because there is a lot of sun , surfers , beaches , and sand .

Although Australia is really diverse , but the main spoken language is English . The Australian English has different accents and dialects . So , knowing the English language is a must in order to spark and communicate with Australians . Especially , when someone is thinking about living and finding a work there .

How to immigrate to Australia ? Using what type of visas ?
There are plenty of visa  types to immigrate to Australia , that is why you should know what type that could  suit you ; your desires , skills , diplomats , and your qualifications as well .
The procedure is not tough , and it is well stressed . To get a visa you have to meet certain criteria .

The Effective Way To Find A Job In Australia

Way To Find A Job In Australia

 Australia is not a tough country where you can  find work in easily .  And also you will not be limited to menial jobs just so you can gain access to work in Australia. Moreover , Australia  is a land of genuine opportunities , and there are many chances that are begging to be taken by highly-motivated immigrants . The latter is very important , because big chances and important  job opportunities are not only limited to Australians , but for the immigrants too .
To get a job in Australia is not easy at all , but you have to trust yourself and your abilities . The most important thing is to be patient , so as to get the job you  dreamed for .
Actually , there are two mainly ways to apply for job opportunities in Australia , either by applying online or by self applying .

What do you need to apply for a job in Australia :

·       Valid visa
·       TFN / APN
·       Resume
·       Cover letter
·       Bank account
·       Supernational account

Apply via online websites :

Most of people find it easy and not stressful by applying from their homes . It is a very stress forward process , by which you get access to many different companies without any stress .

People prefer applying online , because of the variety of options provided . And , the access to well known and big companies . You get a lot of job opportunities , and you are free to choose the job title which related to your competencies and skills .
Yet , it is not easy to get a job rapidly by applying online , you have to be patient and do not give up . You have to apply to more than one job , so that you can get accepted in one of them .  It is not only about applying one time , and give up . No , you have to apply as much as you can .

There are many different websites by which you can apply online for job opportunities in Australia :

 Find a job through references or referrals :
If you know a friend or a member of your family , just ask them to help you finding a job .

Do not hesitate to ask them if they know any job opportunities available . So , that it would be easy for you to get accepted .

Networking :
Try to build relationships with Australians , so that they can help you with many things by :
·       Attending events or meetings .
·       Using " Meetup " application .

 Door knocking :
Even though it is a really old method. ,but sometimes it works . knocking doors and ask if there is any job opportunity available is not a mistake . Just go for it and hand your resume to the company manger.

It easy and vital to send applications and wait for a response through different websites like :


Brain Drain To Australia : causes and consequences


  Brain Drain To Australia : causes and consequences

In the recent years , immigration has become a well spread phenomenon , especially in the Arab countries . Most of youths are  dreaming  to leave their home country in order to   create a life full of peace , good living conditions , a prosperous future , and a good work conditions . That is why , they think of leaving their country after finishing a certain educational level or after they feel lost in their country .

Many skilled workers and well educated people feel disappointed about their life , and about their life status . They spend years and years to get certain diploma , but after that they shocked by the reality . They do not find work , and keep under the surfers of unemployment . Sometimes , they find work but in an  other field .

One of the well known  destinations of immigration is  Australia . Australia  is a very famous destination for skilled workers , and brilliant people . It is a  well developed Continent with plenty of living advantages . So , that throughout history , Australia , has been a diverse country with diverse identities , cultures , and languages .

Brain drain to Australia has become a favourite choice for most of people for many reasons . However , reasons differ but the goal is the same.  Looking for a better life , and better  work conditions is a goal among youths and others .

The following paragraph will speak about the main reasons why skilled workers , and highly educated people immigrate to Australia . So that you can have an idea about the reasons behind this phenomenon .

As well as , why people make this transformational journey in their life , and what make them get ride of leaving their country , origins , family , and the peacefulness of their country .

The reasons why people prefer to immigrate to Australia :

·       Australia is a fantastic place of great and diverse work opportunities .
·       It is the right place to work and live a quality life .
·       Australia vibrant ‘s cities .
·       High employment rate .
·       Incredible landscape beauty .
·       Free education for children ( good education support ) .
·       Free health insurance in all over the country .

·       Tax benefits for families (permanent residents and Australian citizens both can get benefit from this ) .

·       Financial support system for new-borns  (family receives A $ 5,500) . New borns get support from the government in order to encourage parents to grow up their kids in  good environment .

·       First home insurance for permanent residents and Australian citizens (up to A $ 26,000 for new home).

·       Full employment rights, help get a job . It is vital to everyone to get all the employment rights .

·       Access to Australian citizenship ( non citizens can access to Australian citizenship after completing a certain points ) .
·       Possibility to include couples, children and parents ( most of non Australians can bring their families to Australia ) .