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The general conditions to get a visa to Australia

The general conditions to get a visa to Australia

As we all know , Australia , is not an easy country  to get a visa to it , but if you follow and meet the criteria you will by no doubt be successful in getting an Australian visa .
It is almost a dream to many people to get a visa to Australia , because it is a landscape of fantastic job opportunities and worth seeing views . To get your visa application accepted is not easy , and is not difficult . The only you have to do is to be prepared and research everything further before applying .

In this article , we are going to speak about general conditions to get a visa to Australia , without specifying what kind of visa .
Indeed , we are going to dig deeper into two mainly well known ways to get a visa to Australia ; travel visa , or work visa through the competency migration program .

The following list shows the most important conditions to get a visa to Australia in a safe and an easy way :

·       A score of 6 on the English Language Assessment Exam is required according to the Australian Government Immigration Department website.
·       Applicants must not be over 50 years old.
·       Your profession must be the same as the one you will work there, and you must have experience certificates from your country to practice that profession .

·       You must pass the assessment exam of the body responsible for the profession according to the job applicant.
·       Equating your degree from the Australian Guild of your profession, by communicating with them through their website.
·       Get 60 points in the immigration file through the Australian Embassy in your country.

·       Qualification requirements for immigration to Australia - Competency migration to Australia

Immigration to Australia through the competency migration program :

In addition to the last mentioned information about how to get a visa , there are several conditions and requirements for immigration to Australia through the Competency Migration Program . The latter , is a program created by the Australian government to help immigrants to engage easily in the job market . So , that they can attract more skilled and workers to their country . Moreover , this program is preferred by most newly graduated students , who want to create a better life for them .

However , in order to get a visa to Australia through the competency migration program applicants must meet the following criteria :

·        The applicants must be 22-44 years old.
·        He must be works in one of the occupations specified in the list of occupations required by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Department of Border Protection and Immigration.

·       He must earns at least 65 points in the immigration points system to Australia ( you may find out more about this in the official Australian government website ) .
·       He must has  minimum required language skills (IELTS 6/9 or any acceptable exam like the IELTS ) or its qualification .
·       He must approve personal requirements.
·       He must approve  health requirements according to the government policies .


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