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Immigration to Australia / Tasmania says to all workers and artisans Hello

Immigration to Australia / Tasmania says to all workers and artisans Hello
Many young people who want to live in Australia find it difficult to obtain a visa because of the difficult procedures they impose on anyone who wants to live in Australia.

But in Tasmania, it is different, as the Australian state deals differently with workers who want to emigrate and reside there.
As a person wishing to immigrate to Tasmania to work, his or her profession or competence does not have to be included in the job regulations required to work in Australia.

The state is ready to recruit and sponsor workers from all fields under one of the following visas:
Skilled Independent Subclass 189
Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489

around the city
Tasmania is an Australian state and island. Located 240 km south of the eastern part of the continent. The population of the state is about 492.7 people (ABS, March 2007) and covers an area of ​​about 68,332 square kilometers. The state capital is Hobart and is located in the southeastern part of the state. The city of Hobart, Australia's second colony, was established by British colonists in 1803. The island was named after its Dutch discoverer Apple Tasman.
Tasmania is known for its beautiful nature, which led the state government to convert 37% of the state's land into nature reserves. Tasmania is also famous for tourism, especially by the elderly, away from places of congestion and noise.

How do I immigrate to Australia 2018 and stay in Tasmania?
Wishing to immigrate to Australia 2018 to work in Tasmania only requires 60 points to be eligible for an immigrant work visa.
These 60 points can be easily obtained through professional experience, English level, and age…
For example:
The age is 30 points.
English with 20 points.
The level of study is 20 points.
Work experience abroad with 15 points.
And other questions in the field of professional experience must be answered to know your points

You can access this government website to calculate your points, and if you reach 60 points you will be eligible for an immigrant visa to work in Australia

Migration to Morden 2019.If you are a welder, carpenter or chef, there is your chance to immigrate to Canada

Migration to Morden 2019.If you are a welder, carpenter or chef, there is your chance to immigrate to Canada
 Today we will talk about how to immigrate to Canada and exactly to the city of Morden in the state of Manitoba for craftsmen and industrialists who have professional experience and some simple conditions that we will mention.

About Morden:
Morden is a small Canadian city in Manitoba, with a population of about 9,000 located in the far south, near the border with the United States.
The city of Morden is characterized by its picturesque beauty because it is dominated by the rural side, and also because of its combination of history and the future.

There are 80 million years of excavation sites in this city, which makes it a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year.
This is in addition to stunning landscapes such as flowing rivers, open fields and large lakes…
The city of Morden, as noted, has a drastic shortage of population of only 9,000 people, and this negatively affects its economy and its wishful thinking.

So every year, this city is looking for immigrants to reside in order to cover the specialization that some professional sectors know.
For careers required in Canada and exactly in Morden for 2019
·        welding
·        Carpenter
·        Plumber
·        chef
·        paint
·        Nursery
·        Factory workers
·        Waiter Restaurants (fast food)
·        Head Unit Building
·        Decorative painter.
In particular, the priority now is given more to the welding, carpenter and chef

Migration conditions to Morden 2019
You do not need to have a pre-employment contract or have relatives or friends in order to migrate to Morden 2019.
Suffice it to meet the following conditions, which are very easy to compare with those of other immigration programs:
·        You must be between 21 and 45 years of age
·        Must have a baccalaureate level (NIVO-BAC) with a vocational training diploma for at least one year
·        If you have a baccalaureate, it is enough to have studied one year at the university.
·        Two years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years.
·        Have the financial ability to spend on yourself at least during the first months;
·        Holds an English language degree of at least 5 in IELTS which is less than the required grades in other programs.
·        You give up any other immigration program to Canada
·        You should not be connected to another location in Canada, ie you do not have a relative in another Canadian state or have never studied in Canada, or have visited another place in Canada to ensure that you will not leave Morden for another Canadian destination.

Documents required to apply for Migration to Morden 2019:
Morden is the easiest city to immigrate to Canada, which is in Manitoba, the easiest Canadian province of immigration.
In general, the required documents are as follows:
·        Copy of passport valid for at least one year;
·        A copy of the IELTS certificate;
·        CV in English
·        Copy of professional experience certificate
·        Copy of academic level or diploma of vocational training
·        A bank statement that must be available at $ 10,000 per person + $ 2,000 per family member for those who want to emigrate with their family.

What happens after applying for immigration to Morden?
If you qualify and meet all the required conditions, you will receive an invitation letter from the Morden authorities.
You will be able to travel to Canada to learn about Morden and complete some of the procedures for living in Canada.

You will have to interview there with an immigration officer, who will see if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada and live in Morden.
If all goes well, the immigration officer will give you a message that you are eligible to live and work in Canada.

You will then return to your country and apply for the Manitoba Migration Program and your application will be 100 percent accepted.
So the bottom line is that the easiest way to immigrate to Canada is because all the conditions and procedures are easy and accessible to everyone.

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Draw lots to immigrate to America 2021 .. Learn the procedures and conditions of registration by lot

Draw lots to immigrate to America 2021 .. Learn the procedures and conditions of registration by lot

America's lottery 2021 .. Although the United States of America is one of the most countries that impose somewhat tight conditions on anyone who wants to enter it, either as an immigrant wants permanent residence or as a visitor wants to spend a tourist holiday or visit a relative.

However, it is one of the most immigrant-receiving countries in the world. Every year, it opens its doors to more than 50,000 immigrants around the world in the so-called American lottery.

What do you know about the American lottery?

The American lottery, the lottery, or the so-called diversity migration visa program is a random selection process for thousands of immigrants around the world.

As is well known, the United States ranks third in terms of area after Russia and Canada with an area of ​​about 9.8 million square kilometers.

However, the population of the United States does not exceed 318 million.

Therefore, America is also one of the countries that suffer from a shortage of population compared to the area, which makes it in constant need to bring a large number of immigrants to cover this shortage.

So every year you resort to a random lottery to bring 50,000 immigrants from different countries without complicated conditions, as in the case of immigration outside the lot.

In the sense that immigration to America outside the American lottery, requires a person to meet several conditions, including the level of education and evidence obtained, the contract of employment and age and mastery of the English language…


But in the American lottery, it is different where everyone who meets some simple conditions can register in this lottery and wait for his luck.If he is fortunate, this is what we wish, and if he is cubed like me, he will have to wait with me until the predestination authorizes him.

What are the conditions for registration in the draw for the US 2021?

In order to register for the 2021 USA draw you will have to meet some of the easy conditions:

Be eligible to participate in the US lottery 2021 (there are countries whose citizens cannot participate in the US lottery)

Have at least a baccalaureate certificate (high school or the equivalent of 12 years of study with a certificate)

You must have a valid passport

Fill out the form in which you will have to provide a set of your personal information. (But you will have to wait for the date when the registration process will be announced)

These are the conditions; if you do not have a baccalaureate, do not waste your time in the registration because even if you win the lottery you will have to submit this certificate in the file and the absence of your application will be canceled and thus you have wasted your time and lost the opportunity to someone else.

Is the passport necessary to draw in the draw of America 2021?

Yes, the passport has become necessary so that anyone can register for the 2021 American lottery

According to a decision issued by the US Department of State on 06/05/2019, every person who wants to register in the American lottery has to submit in the electronic registration form some


information related to his passport such as passport number, expiry date…

You can access the US Federal Register website to view the US Department of State's decision regarding a mandatory passport during registration.

What is the purpose of adding passport information during registration?

As a justification for the State Department's decision to add a passport in the registration requirements, the situation is limited by the high number of fake registrations in the program.

Fraudulent organizations sometimes provide information to some individuals without their consent.

The members of these fraudulent organizations then communicate with those people whose identities were used during registration and tell them that they have a chance to apply for a US immigrant visa.

They then ask their victims to provide money for the immigrant visa.

Therefore, the passport information provided by the person will help in determining the registration of the real application and registration of the fake application.

Anyone who wants to register in the draw of America Beware of what you post on Facebook

History of the draw of America 2021

The American lottery is usually applied from October of each year and lasts until November

This means that the duration of registration lasts for a whole month, and as mentioned above, the American lottery is a random lottery.

Means it depends on random clouds and only luck.

It can be attended by both young and baccalaureate families, even if they are old.

How to register in the draw of America 2021

The American lottery is submitted online only through the official lottery website

Then fill in all the required information and data in English including:

· First and last name

· Gender Identification (Male or Female)

· date of birth

· Passport number and expiry date

· Place of increase If the city of increase is OK, but if it is not known for example in the suburbs or otherwise, you must press (Birth city unknown)

· Country of increase

· Family Status

· Add the name of the husband or wife and children in case if the applicant is married

· A digital image that respects the required standards

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Volunteer travel 2019 .. an opportunity to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries for free .. What are you waiting for?

Volunteer travel 2019 .. an opportunity to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries for free .. What are you waiting for?
Volunteer travel 2019 may be the gateway for many young people who dream of entering legally into Europe, which is quite frankly one of the easiest ways anyone can travel abroad.
In this article we will give you a way to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries by volunteering.

Volunteer Travel 2019 by anglovillle programs
People who are looking for opportunities to volunteer abroad can join Engelwil for an opportunity to do one of the volunteer activities being watched by the organization in 7 European countries.
But before we go into volunteering, let's get to know Angloville and its programs.

Definition of angloville:
Ingelville is one of the largest providers of English language teaching and publishing programs in 7 European countries.
The organization's programs are carried out in beautiful rural settings, where native English speakers and local participants can learn and interact to improve communication skills.
The people who participate in this organization are volunteers from all over the world.
Engeloville collaborates with the Rozwoj Bez Granic Foundation (Development without Borders), the legal entity responsible for providing volunteer opportunities from Engeloville and organizing volunteer residency.

What can be done as a volunteer in this organization?
If you speak English well, you can travel to 7 European countries for one to eight weeks.
These countries are as follows:
Czech Republic.
Your entry into these countries will be to help local learners improve their English through a series of conversations and activities.
The volunteer program is about conversation and the volunteer will not be required to provide traditional education.
The volunteer will have to prepare to speak for up to 12 hours a day, but only speak and not give lessons or lectures.
How to join this organization to volunteer abroad
If you wish to immigrate by volunteering, you can join this organization, but you need to know which program you should enroll for, depending on your age and the area of ​​volunteering you want.

Possible types of voluntary programs:
Volunteer travel 2019 through Engelwil is contrary to other known types of volunteerism in other countries of the world such as volunteering in France, volunteering in Canada or volunteering in Germany…
Volunteer programs through Engelville are divided into 3 types.

1_ Angeloville Kids:

This program is valid for volunteers between the ages of 18 and 29 years.
The volunteer will guide children between the ages of 7 and 11 years
His activities will be limited to playing with children, sports, arts and crafts workshops, and simple English conversations with children.

2_ Angeloville teenagers:
The program is also dedicated to volunteers between the ages of 18 and 29.
The volunteer will guide teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19.
Activities will be limited to sports, games and English conversation.

3_ angloville adults:
This program is valid for people who is at the age of thirty.
They will guide adult learners in English, and guidance will be through conversation, networking, networking and learning about other cultures, all of which should be in English.
What will a person benefit if he / she wishes to volunteer?
 He will travel to many European countries that we have mentioned.
His work as a volunteer is limited to conversation, sharing stories and socializing with people from other cultures.
The stay will be free in beautiful country hotels.
Food and transportation will be at the expense of the program organizers.
Travel, recreation and excursions during every weekend.
And many many other privileges that can benefit a person.

Conditions for joining one of the mentioned volunteer programs abroad:
In order to enroll in a volunteer program, a person must meet the following conditions:
Be older than 18 years.
To be proficient in English.
Must have a baccalaureate degree.
Have appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, good communication skills…)
Be able to talk to people and get to know them.
To be healthy.
He has a clean judicial record.
Have a story about himself to write in the application form.
Be prepared to devote a week to 8 weeks in volunteering.

How to register in angloville:
If you want to register for a volunteer program, AngloVille is enough to access the organization's website.
A well-organized website is enough to write angloville on the search engine and it will show you the site's organization directly.
Enrolling in this organization is very easy and reliable so anyone who is proficient in English can take advantage of the opportunities to volunteer abroad offered by this site.

Is registration free?
Registration is not free and the volunteer must pay 69 EUR as a fee to register but must know something important. These fees are refundable for those who will work with adults upon completion of the program.
Therefore, this program is free for those who abide by its terms.
Registration start and end date:
The dates of the programs are multiple, so the volunteer can search for the date that suits him / her for registration

Working in America .. How to get work as a taxi driver with a salary of $ 300 per day

Working in America .. How to get work as a taxi driver with a salary of $ 300 per day
There are many who want to work as taxi drivers in America if you are one of them just read the article
Work in America There are many immigrants who try many jobs in America, and after you become familiar with the state or city where he lives, thinks about improving his financial situation.

In this article we will explain how to get a job as a taxi driver in America.
Conditions of working in America as a taxi driver:
To work as a taxi driver you must have a set of conditions necessary to be eligible.

As is well known, driving a taxi in the United States does not require you to obtain a diploma or any certificate, however it may be.

The person has reached the age of 21 (but changes from state to state and becomes 25 years, but the majority is 21 years)
 Speaking English is essential to work as a taxi driver not only fluent but in order to communicate with the customer in a way and know where he is going.

Be familiar with GPS or GPS in order to connect the customer to the place they want to go on time.
Your criminal record is clean and free of all forms of punishment.
You must have a record of driving free from all irregularities, even if they must be not many.

Fill out the form.
Payment of fees.
Then they study your file and call you for an interview until they are sure.
If you are accepted, they will tell you the need to attend training.
So in order to know everything related to the company you will work with as well as driving.

 How to work as a taxi driver in America
The method of work varies from company to company, there are those who work with a specialized company and market a taxi affiliated to them and works hourly.
There are those who buy a taxi from the company for a weekly amount given by the driver to the company, for example 500 or 600 dollars and the rest to the driver.

Another way is for a person to work in a personal car.
The company is required to operate his car for a fee paid by the company, so that he can only profit from his car.

These were the conditions and the way anyone wanted to work as a taxi driver in the USA.

This type of work is a source of income in America and working in it earns a good income that suits many immigrants.