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Volunteer travel 2019 .. an opportunity to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries for free .. What are you waiting for?

Volunteer travel 2019 .. an opportunity to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries for free .. What are you waiting for?
Volunteer travel 2019 may be the gateway for many young people who dream of entering legally into Europe, which is quite frankly one of the easiest ways anyone can travel abroad.
In this article we will give you a way to travel to England, Ireland and 5 other European countries by volunteering.

Volunteer Travel 2019 by anglovillle programs
People who are looking for opportunities to volunteer abroad can join Engelwil for an opportunity to do one of the volunteer activities being watched by the organization in 7 European countries.
But before we go into volunteering, let's get to know Angloville and its programs.

Definition of angloville:
Ingelville is one of the largest providers of English language teaching and publishing programs in 7 European countries.
The organization's programs are carried out in beautiful rural settings, where native English speakers and local participants can learn and interact to improve communication skills.
The people who participate in this organization are volunteers from all over the world.
Engeloville collaborates with the Rozwoj Bez Granic Foundation (Development without Borders), the legal entity responsible for providing volunteer opportunities from Engeloville and organizing volunteer residency.

What can be done as a volunteer in this organization?
If you speak English well, you can travel to 7 European countries for one to eight weeks.
These countries are as follows:
Czech Republic.
Your entry into these countries will be to help local learners improve their English through a series of conversations and activities.
The volunteer program is about conversation and the volunteer will not be required to provide traditional education.
The volunteer will have to prepare to speak for up to 12 hours a day, but only speak and not give lessons or lectures.
How to join this organization to volunteer abroad
If you wish to immigrate by volunteering, you can join this organization, but you need to know which program you should enroll for, depending on your age and the area of ​​volunteering you want.

Possible types of voluntary programs:
Volunteer travel 2019 through Engelwil is contrary to other known types of volunteerism in other countries of the world such as volunteering in France, volunteering in Canada or volunteering in Germany…
Volunteer programs through Engelville are divided into 3 types.

1_ Angeloville Kids:

This program is valid for volunteers between the ages of 18 and 29 years.
The volunteer will guide children between the ages of 7 and 11 years
His activities will be limited to playing with children, sports, arts and crafts workshops, and simple English conversations with children.

2_ Angeloville teenagers:
The program is also dedicated to volunteers between the ages of 18 and 29.
The volunteer will guide teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19.
Activities will be limited to sports, games and English conversation.

3_ angloville adults:
This program is valid for people who is at the age of thirty.
They will guide adult learners in English, and guidance will be through conversation, networking, networking and learning about other cultures, all of which should be in English.
What will a person benefit if he / she wishes to volunteer?
 He will travel to many European countries that we have mentioned.
His work as a volunteer is limited to conversation, sharing stories and socializing with people from other cultures.
The stay will be free in beautiful country hotels.
Food and transportation will be at the expense of the program organizers.
Travel, recreation and excursions during every weekend.
And many many other privileges that can benefit a person.

Conditions for joining one of the mentioned volunteer programs abroad:
In order to enroll in a volunteer program, a person must meet the following conditions:
Be older than 18 years.
To be proficient in English.
Must have a baccalaureate degree.
Have appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, good communication skills…)
Be able to talk to people and get to know them.
To be healthy.
He has a clean judicial record.
Have a story about himself to write in the application form.
Be prepared to devote a week to 8 weeks in volunteering.

How to register in angloville:
If you want to register for a volunteer program, AngloVille is enough to access the organization's website.
A well-organized website is enough to write angloville on the search engine and it will show you the site's organization directly.
Enrolling in this organization is very easy and reliable so anyone who is proficient in English can take advantage of the opportunities to volunteer abroad offered by this site.

Is registration free?
Registration is not free and the volunteer must pay 69 EUR as a fee to register but must know something important. These fees are refundable for those who will work with adults upon completion of the program.
Therefore, this program is free for those who abide by its terms.
Registration start and end date:
The dates of the programs are multiple, so the volunteer can search for the date that suits him / her for registration

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