Monday, October 14, 2019

How to Find a Job in America

How to Find a Job in America
You are a new immigrant and do not know ways to find work in America
Looking for work in America is something that every new immigrant in the United States of America thinks, especially those who have no friends or family there in order to mediate them to get a job means to facilitate as much as possible the way to get a primary job.
Today we will show you the right way that all new immigrants in the United States rely on to find work.

Searching for a job in America via the Internet:
Most migrants are looking for work through the Internet on specialized sites.
By filling out the immigrant's CV.

Some of the top job search sites include:
Before applying online, a new immigrant must purchase a SIM card.
 Because the majority of recruitment companies call the employee by phone.

Looking for a job in America through a friend or direct employment:
Upon arrival, a friend in the United States can help you find work either where he works or through other people he knows.
You can also get a direct job at a restaurant.
As you stroll through the streets of your city you will find that restaurants have an advertisement for "employment" so you can go to them and get a job.

Types of jobs that can be employed on the first day in America:
These jobs are often temporary until the person gets his documents as well as his proficiency in English.
These jobs do not require neither experience nor language such as working in restaurants or in goods stores such as arranging goods and other jobs.
The hourly rates in America vary from state to state, depending on work.
The minimum wage is $ 7.25 per hour.
The immigrant works 40 hours a week and can add 20 hours, which can be up to 60 hours a week in total.

How do I receive my salary in America?
The method of salary delivery varies from company to company but there are specific ways either by sending your salary to your bank account or by giving you a check with all your dues every week or every two weeks.

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