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Seasonal employment contracts in Italy

Seasonal employment contracts in Italy 
What is the Decreto flussi?
The annual flow decree, known as the “Flossy Law”, is an administrative procedure issued by the Italian government every year to allow foreign nationals to enter Italy for work, whether seasonal or habitual.
This decree also allows the entry of qualified workers to engage in self-employment and the establishment of their investments under certain conditions.
The Italian Flows Act also permits persons residing in Italy on the basis of study or on the basis of long-term seasonal work…
The aim of this law is to help employers to obtain labor to fill the specialization experienced by some professional sectors in Italy
So even after Salvini's opposition to the influx decree and his repeated threat to cancel it, he didn't.

The reason for this is due to the pressure of trade unions who insisted on bringing foreign workers to ensure the safety of the economy.

How many people will benefit from the influx decree for this year?
According to what was published in the Official Gazette n. 84 del 9 aprile 2019 The number of people who will benefit from the influx decree for this year is 30,850.

Here we want you to understand something important that this whole number is not just for people living outside Italy.
It is also addressed to people in Italy who have already worked there, entered by study and want to change the type of residence and also to Italians living in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil
And even for people who work in the European Union…
All of them are covered by the annual immigration law and, in order to become renewed and permanent, they must enter the so-called “quota system”.
For people who will migrate by seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019 for the first time
The government has authorized the required 18,000 seasonal employment contracts for agricultural or tourism activities.
Under this number (18,000 contracts), 2,000 contracts will be allocated to multi-year seasonal work.

The remaining employment contracts, 12850, will be allocated for non-seasonal work (private work, converting study residence to work…)
So what you should know is that Italy does not bring migrants mercy or compassion, but it is in dire need of them. (WINNER / WINNER POLICY)

What is meant by seasonal work in Italy within immigration quotas?
Seasonal work is not available throughout the year, but during a specific period and during a particular season. And also in a particular professional sector.
The occupational sectors in which the seasonal worker can work are:
Agriculture sector (agriculture, harvesting, harvesting…)
Tourism sector (working in a restaurant, cafe, hotel…)
This means that the foreigner will not be able to find a seasonal employment contract in a professional field other than the mentioned, such as construction or mechanics…

How do I register for seasonal employment contracts in Italy 2019?
That's a wrong question, why? It is simply not you who will register on the Italian Ministry of Interior website
Unfortunately, there are sites and videos explaining the method of registration and this is called the right word that I want false.
The reason for this is that you can already register on the site, but no one will care about you, it is you? And who is your operator? What is your tax number?
So don't waste your time registering at the ministry's website, except if you're a resident of Italy and you want to bring workers to work for you.

So how do I register?
The right way is to find an Italian-based employer who accepts you with a seasonal contract
This employer may be an Italian national or a legally resident immigrant with an agricultural or tourist project who wants to bring workers from abroad to work for him.
If your employer agrees to employ you, you will need to provide some personal information such as:
your full name;
Date of birth;
A copy of your passport;
Your current country of residence;
your home country..

When will the registration for seasonal employment contracts start in Italy 2019?
Registration and archiving of information on the website of the Italian Ministry of the Interior will begin on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

However, the day of submission, as it is called Click Day, the day on which the application will be submitted and confirmed will be from

On April 16, 2019 at 9:00 am for non-seasonal workers (who will benefit from converting their residence to work…)
April 24, 2019 at 9 am for seasonal workers
Registration will be available until December 31, 2019
Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible at 9h: 00min
Because applications are received on-the-go, it means who pays the application at nine o'clock have a higher chance of being able to submit the application at ten o'clock or after two hours, a month or two months…

How long is the seasonal employment contract in Italy?
The duration of seasonal employment contracts in Italy ranges from 20 days to 6 months and in some cases up to 9 months.
This is due to the duration of the contract with the employer and also by additional sectors and extensions.

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